Teaching Method

Being in the field of education means being prepared for change, learning is constant movement.

If we add to this essential feature the speed we experience in social change today, when we speak of teaching method we must begin by saying that everything is possible.

We start with the obvious: language allows us to communicate. Therefore, the Learning of a second language must have communication as its main axis. We get our students to communicate in Spanish, our method has a clear stress on communication. In addition to this didactic purpose, we believe in the power of immersion in a community of Spanish speakers. When students are immersed in the language he wants to learn, everything they learn in class applies in different real life contexts all the time. This constant exposure communicates the need for strong motivation and, therefore, greatly increases their chances of learning.

In VOS we take advantage of the educational power of this immersion into the language: no apparent realities, we use reality with all its strength, both in class and outside (in e-learning this is also possible: the Spanish immersion can be almost fully achieved through a social network).

This knowledge acquisition continues in weekly workshops and cultural activities that make each day a cultural adventure with Spanish.
In designing our educational syllabus and plan each Spanish class, We are very aware of the crucial fact that “learning was impacted by technology”. This changes the practice of teaching, the role of the student, what is knowledge and, essentially, what we do for people to learn.